The cable guy’s methods: specialist saying to be hired for times Warner Cable was informing all on Reddit

Some one declaring as an occasion Warner Cable specialist try spilling techniques on Reddit.

Energy Warner wire, the second-largest provider of TV and online sites in the us, told Quartz that it’s looking at the listings. “We’re incapable of validate when this individual is in fact an ongoing or previous worker,” a spokesman said.

Reddit individual cableguy_the began an “Ask Me such a thing” (AMA) thread, publishing photographs of their ID badge and uniform as proposed evidence of their tasks. Their answers to the inquiries coming in are incredibly candid. Below are a few features (typos protected).

On Comcast’s pending purchase of Time Warner Cable:

We desire the merger since the existing class in charge is the worst in current records. Many acquiring discharged due to impossible metrics. Most of the electricity has-been fond of customer service staff and removed from the people who in fact check out the houses and correct issues . It’s a mess as well as the organization is being operate like shit IMHO [in my very humble opinion].

On the pressure between professionals and customer service representatives:

Yea customer care reps and specialists become combating a conflict that nobody views. We detest all of them, they dislike all of us. They inform consumers the escort babylon Norman thing is the equipment with regards to rarely try. We determine clients to simply disregard what the man about telephone claims because it is likely that excellent, he has got never ever wired a residence, strung a drop or set cable tv.

On what’s truly wrong along with your relationship:

Don’t feel 50percent of precisely what the representative regarding the cellphone lets you know. Only set up the technology. Allowed him work. He’s accomplished this before. The rep only answers devices. it is almost NEVER the gear evoking the concern.

About trick to get better services:

Whenever a technology arrives ,ask for their supervisors amounts. Make sure he understands it’s just not to lose your but to elevate a problem. He may call their sup to make sure the cool but that can help.

On what’s preventing quicker internet down load rates:

In all honesty, basic analog wire. It will require up sooo a lot bandwidth . 1 route per regularity vs bonding numerous frequencies to supply 8 stations for a downstream and 4 for an upstream . As we get 100% digital tv.. Internet will receive faster. Also obstruction. If you live around a college it’s the worst . Grandmother might use their 15 meg for mail and surfing but youthful Johnny university child sucks up the bandwidth in your community using netflix and torrenting and gaming. But they shell out exactly the same. IMHO what can correct this can be capping information and offering people uncapped speed.

On precisely why splitting your own cable hookup is a bad idea:

Setting up a splitter to simply attenuate the transmission is really stupid we have factors called attenuators which do this without incorporating unnecessary splitter. But it is true that way too much signal is just as poor as not enough we phone that distortion

On whether this Reddit AMA will cost him their task:

I would getting fired based on who grabs me personally. I would also get an advantage their so difficult to tell with all the method this business is currently organized.

On how Wi-Fi indicators are unreliable, and can become vanquished by doorways and wall space:

Certainly most evident. Plaster wall space specifically.Solid wood gates, staying in a cellar whenever router is on the next floors or vice versa. Wifi are a fickle beast.

On your “broken” cable modem:

Yea I discover this a large number. I would personally say in confirmed 12 months I’d state 5percent associated with the modems I swapped had been in fact defective. We perform a lot of canine and pony tv show and just exchange they in any event. The issue is almost always perhaps not machines related. Modems either operate or they don’t. There is certainly therefore small around. They are very easy units. I have program people utilizing my laptop computer every thing operating perfectly, next switch back to her equipment and every little thing visits shit. They nonetheless demand an innovative new modem..Its insanity.

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